Candidate Statement


It has been my highest honor to serve you on the West Hollywood City Council. When you elected me four years ago, I promised to protect the foundation of our great city – our diversity and exceptional quality of life. As an eleven-year West Hollywood resident and small business owner, I understand how vital sustaining a safe, diverse city with ample job opportunities and affordable housing is to our community.

That’s why I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together over the last four years. Together, we’ve worked to: (a) Improve city services and reform our city by making our government more transparent and accessible, (b) Keep our communities safe for all of our residents by prioritizing community policing, (c) Preserve and build more affordable housing, (d) Limit and mitigate the impact of development on our communities, (e) Improve public transit by bringing the Metro Line to WeHo ahead of schedule, and (f) Find solutions to care for and house our growing homeless population.

And most importantly, I am proud to have been your voice and advocate on the West Hollywood City Council.

Over the next four years, I will continue to control overdevelopment and protect the unique identities of our neighborhoods, focusing on making them more livable and walkable. I will continue to deliver strong fiscal management of our city budget, prioritizing investment in public transit, affordable housing, and public safety. And I will continue to champion open, accessible, and accountable city government, ensuring it serves all generations in WeHo.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished by working together and to have earned the support of an exceptionally broad coalition including renters, homeowners, small business owners, environmental and neighborhood leaders, seniors, LGBTQ activists, and young families.

I hope you will consider voting to re-elect me to the West Hollywood City Council.


Lindsey P. Horvath